Registration Rates

The registration costs and benefits depend on the registration category and on the date of registration. Please read the instructions to make sure you register for the correct category. If in doubt, please contact the General Chair Hocine Cherifi (

  • If the sanitary regulations do not allow any onsite event, the event will take place online.


  • At least one author of each accepted contribution must be registered by the author registration deadline (July 25, 2022) in order for that contribution to appear in the proceedings or book of abstract and to be scheduled for presentation.
  • Extra paper or abstract registration rate is applicable only once for each full registration. Authors with 3 papers must pay 2 papers registration and one extra paper
Category Early Registration Late Registration
Paper Registration 600€ 700€
Abstract Registration 450€ 550€
Extra Paper 300€ 350€
Extra Abstract 200€ 250€

Other authors and attendees

  • Co-authors of already registered contributions and attendees must register under one of the registration categories.
  • Student fee is for non-author attendees. It is not available for authors of papers and abstract
Category Early Registration Late Registration
Regular Attendee Onsite 450€ 550€
Non-author Student Onsite 300€ 350€
Regular Attendee Online 350€ 400€
Non-author Student Online 200€ 250€
    Registration Fees are non-Refundable


    To proceed with the registration you must register and be logged in

    You are logged in. You can proceed with your registration by clicking on the "Register" button.

    If you have to register a group, you must register each member individually.


    Tutorials will be offered on November 07, 2022 - onsite. They will run from 1:00 PM to 6:30 PM. Please note that you do not need to register for the conference to register for the tutorials.

    Registration for 1 Tutorial 100€
    Registration for 2 Tutorials 150€

    Onsite registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. All the interested participants are kindly invited to register before October 24, 2022.

    Extra Page(s) Fees

    Extra Page Fee (max 2 pages over the 12 pages limit) 100€ per extra page